Lancaster Task Based Billing Attorney

a lawyer in lancaster writing on some documets and charging his clients based on task based billing

At Lancaster Tech Law, we provide innovative services to clients, featuring unique programs for services and costs. One option for many entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses is billing by task. At LTL, we charge for specific activities performed, rather than for the total amount of time spent on the case. This proves to be a much simpler, clearer transaction than the traditional hourly billing system. Key advantages of task-based billing include:

  • Transparent – With task-based billing, you know exactly what you are being charged for, and you can see how your money is being spent. This can help to avoid surprises and disputes over billing. You can also budget for future needs and have an idea of what a service might cost by adding up the estimated number of each task for your circumstances.
  • Cost-Effective – You get a better price by paying for tasks individually rather than according to an hourly rate. Not having to meticulously log time also frees up time for LTL staff to solve your problem, rather than overly track it.
  • Flexible – Task-based billing can be tailored to your specific needs. You can mix and match a custom set of services, identifying early on services you don’t want to pay for without having to dispute them on the backend.
  • Efficient – Task-based billing can help to streamline the billing process for both parties. The firm can spend more time doing actual client work to resolve your matter with less paperwork and bookkeeping. This also incentivizes the firm to do quality work more quickly since there isn’t any financial incentive for us to delay a project. By incentivizing efficiency on our end, you’re less likely to get extra charges because of slow-moving tasks.

When you partner with Lancaster Tech Law, you can be confident you will receive informed representation and cost-effective service.

LTL Offers A Range of Services For Businesses in Pennsylvania and Beyond

Our firm’s comprehensive legal services include:

  • Technology Law–  We regularly advise clients on technological issues, such as data protection (e.g. HIPAA), breaches/cyber security, privacy policies, procurement agreements, and licensing agreements.
  • Data privacy/cyber security – We assist startups, small businesses, financial advisors, educational institutions, and healthcare providers with implementing data privacy practices and cyber programs and responding to data breaches. 
  • Intellectual property – Our attorneys regularly negotiate transactions related to creating, acquiring, and utilizing intellectual property assets, advising clients on IP rights, trade secret theft, confidentiality agreements, and information security. We also litigate IP disputes centered on infringement in state and federal court.
  • Business law  – Our firm advises entrepreneurs, startups, and small and midsized businesses on formations, transactions, and commercial litigation. 

Why Choose Lancaster Tech Law?

At Lancaster Tech Law, we leverage our skills and experience to help clients navigate complex technological and business challenges. When you choose our task-based services, we will focus on your objectives, working in your best interests. Our alternative, progressive fee structures are designed with your budget in mind. Trust LTL to help you identify critical technological, data privacy, and business issues and design real-world solutions. Contact us today to get started.