Taylor’s varied career in retail, banking, and law has always included being the de facto tech support. A former manager of Smart Toys, he sold and operated drones before most people even knew what they were. When working at Wells Fargo, he enjoyed learning the ins and outs of new computer systems and helping others navigate the technical transitions. At LTL, he’s the go-to for any miscellany and is always interested in learning more. He likes that even if you think you have a grasp on technology, there is always something else coming on the horizon.

A game collector since childhood, Taylor owns hundreds of games and has every Sony console ever made. When his future wife Emily first visited his home, she declared, “It looks like a GameStop.” A huge shinnichi (Japanophile), Taylor enjoys that his niche interests in Shōnen Anime and Manga by Junji Ito (the Japanese Steven King) are plastered front and center on billboards in the Land of the Rising Sun. However, he’s not immune to some rage against the machine.  When a finicky Word fix that works one day doesn’t the next, Taylor has been known to let the rare malignant stare escape his normally laid-back demeanor.