Our Core Values & Mission Statement

Lancaster Tech Law (LTL) is a boutique legal practice focused on business law, civil litigation, and technology law. Founded on core values that emphasize vanguard thinking, legal innovation, technological know-how, and exceptional personal service, our firm represents business clients across multiple industries throughout Pennsylvania. 

Technology is revolutionizing the way we do business, work, and live. Navigating this new frontier requires reliable advice and guidance. Contact our office today to learn how we can help. 

Our Core Values

At LTL, we deliver legal services driven by our values:

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Vanguard thinking

Every industry, including law, is rapidly evolving due to technological innovation. We look for inventive ways to improve the delivery of legal services, including cloud-based solutions and a client portal that allows for self-scheduling, secure communication, document copying, and real-time status updates.

Choose your own experience

Clients come to LTL with different issues, timing needs, resources, and personal preferences. We provide clients with options that best suit their needs, from guided self-service options to leading the charge to solve their problems. Let us provide you with a singular client experience. 

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Prioritizing understanding

We make communications simple and seamless through videoconferencing, chats, texts, and emails, allowing us to understand our client’s desires and helping them to understand the legal process. By understanding your circumstances, we will work to help you achieve your goals.

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Assimilating improvement

At LTL, we adapt helpful ideas and technologies to suit the firm and its clients rather than merely duplicating how other industries or law firms provide services.

Our Mission

Lancaster has long been a technology stronghold, and innovation is ingrained in our DNA. Lead attorney Brandon Harter is a computer enthusiast and avid gamer who develops well-conceived solutions to the challenges at the nexus of business, law, and technology. Attorney Harter leveraged his legal experience and well-honed e-discovery skills to launch Lancaster Tech Law in 2022. 

Our mission is to help new and established businesses in Lancaster and around Pennsylvania harness the power of technology to achieve their goals. From helping startups navigate business formations to negotiating business and technology transactions, we provide our clients with strategic representation and cost-effective services. 

Unlike most law firms, we offer easy-to-budget, flat-fee, à la carte solutions so you always know what you’re paying before you pay it: premium legal services at a reasonable and manageable price point. 

Our Services

We work with tech and non-tech companies and rely on cloud-based solutions to make the law work for clients more quickly and efficiently than traditional law firms. Our services include:

  • Business law – LTL represents startups, small, and midsized businesses through all phases of the business cycle. From business formation and transactions to business disputes and dissolutions, we provide clients with strategic representation and work to help them achieve their objectives.
  • Civil and commercial litigation – Business disputes are common in an ever-changing marketplace. When a dispute rises to the level of litigation, having informed representation is critically important. At LTL, we have extensive experience negotiating and litigating commercial disputes, contract disputes, business torts, partnership disputes, and more. Our trial-ready preparedness gives clients an advantage in or out of the courtroom.
  • Technology law – Technological advances are shaping the contemporary business landscape in Lancaster and around the state. Our firm helps businesses and technology companies capitalize on innovations such as artificial intelligence, automation, big data, and blockchain technology, negotiate technology contracts, and works to mitigate the risk of data breaches and other cybersecurity challenges.
  • eDiscovery – LTL provides clients with cutting-edge eDiscovery solutions, streamlining the collection, processing, and review of digital evidence. We help other law firms implement litigation holds, develop discovery plans, collect data from cell phones, email servers, and social media, cull and de-duplicate data with targeted keyword and date range searches, and more. In addition, we work with municipalities to quickly and easily identify needed records for Right-to-Know-Law requests and help IT companies respond to subpoenas and discovery requests. 
  • Intellectual property – LTL advises clients on intellectual property rights, patent and trademark infringement, trade secret theft, licensing, and confidentiality agreements. 

Whether you need assistance launching a new business, entering transactions, protecting your intellectual property, resolving disputes, or implementing technological solutions, trust Lancaster Tech Law to lead the way. 

Contact Our Experienced Lancaster Business and Technology Law Attorneys

LTL’s tech-savvy attorneys help businesses find solutions to their challenges and give them the necessary tools to achieve their goals through the lens of our core values. Trust us to provide you with the strategic representation you need and the dependable service you deserve. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.