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If you think a tech-forward law firm is an oxymoron, please stop reading!

Still here? Then, maybe you’re our next attorney (by the way, we said “attorney” on purpose—we banned words like “associate”, “partner”, “counsel”, and the like because those seem like distinctions without a good purpose).

You might be happy with your current role but see opportunities to do more. Would you:

  • Embrace running your own case load while saying goodbye to someone hovering over you micromanaging your work?
  • Thrive at a firm that offers flexibility and is built from the ground up to be hybrid and embrace technology and innovation?
  • Love the opportunity to grow as quickly as you’re ready for it in a place that doesn’t see the need for an arbitrary ceiling limiting your ability to talk to clients or take on complex cases because of things like years out of school or experience?

We’re Lancaster Tech Law (LTL). a boutique legal practice focused on business law, civil litigation, and technology law. We were founded on core values that emphasize vanguard thinking, legal innovation, technological know-how, and exceptional personal service.

Our founder, Brandon Harter, is a computer enthusiast and avid gamer who saw an opportunity to leverage technology and help clients differently. We don’t let “that’s not how we typically do things” stand in our way. Hear Brandon talk about his vision of building a client-centered business on the Lawyerist Podcast.

Overview of the Role:

You’ll join our litigation team mostly focused on representing businesses in general civil litigation matters including commercial disputes, contract disputes, business torts, partnership disputes, and more.

You’ll actually run the day-to-day of the cases assigned to you. This means you should be proficient in:

  • Communicating with clients, opposing counsel, and court personnel
  • Drafting pleadings and motions
  • Preparing for, taking, and defending depositions
  • Appearing in court for hearings and motions practice

An ideal candidate knows how to move a case forward, but also understands when to check-in and ask for help.

What we’re looking for:

In addition to the litigation skills described above, you’ll need to be comfortable with technology. I mean, it’s in our name. So, unlike most firms, we are on the forefront of embracing technology like generative AI and looking for ways to make our lives easier. You don’t need to be a coder, but you should feel comfortable using technology and exploring new tools as they become available.

You should also be excited by the idea of continuous improvement. We’re always developing and using templates and workflows and looking for ways to be more efficient and effective. Because we are always pushing ourselves to be better, this means that if something rubs you the wrong way or creates a problem, you’ll actually have the ability to fix it and make it better for everyone. Everyone has a voice and a responsibility to improve the business.

Finally, we all share a commitment to these core company values:

Vanguard Thinking: Every industry, including law, is rapidly evolving due to technological innovation. We look for inventive ways to improve the delivery of legal services, including cloud-based solutions and a client portal that allows for self-scheduling, secure communication, document copying, and real-time status updates.

Choose Your Own Experience: Clients come to LTL with different issues, timing needs, resources, and personal preferences. We provide clients with options that best suit their needs, from guided self-service options to leading the charge to solve their problems. Let us provide you with a singular client experience.

Prioritizing Understanding: We make communications simple and seamless through videoconferencing, chats, texts, and emails, allowing us to understand our client’s desires and helping them to understand the legal process. By understanding your circumstances, we will work to help you achieve your goals.

Assimilating Improvement: At LTL, we adapt helpful ideas and technologies to suit the firm and its clients rather than merely duplicating how other industries or law firms provide services.

More Details You’ll Want to Know:

This is a full-time position. Our office is in Lancaster, and we serve all of southeast Pennsylvania. While we offer a ton of flexibility including remote work, you’ll need to be able to work from our office during the onboarding period and from time-to-time thereafter and appear in courts in the areas we serve.

The base salary range is $90,000 – $100,000/year. Benefits include a health insurance stipend, a work from home stipend, and flexible PTO.

To apply, please click on this link to answer a few questions and share your resume.