Cassandra’s background includes experience in law firm support, eMarketing, and content editing. After earning her degree in History, she worked as an administrative assistant in a law firm, analyzed metrics from eMarketing campaigns for a nonprofit, and edited freelance for academia, law, and business in a variety of mediums, including blogs, websites, and books. She’s an advocate for minimizing legalese in professional documents and prioritizing scannability in digital communications. 

Cassandra fondly remembers first learning HTML to jazz up her AOL instant messages but would like to forget how confidently she downloaded every mislabeled song on Kazaa. Drawn into gaming by her husband, she now spends too many hours playing Thief Rogue decks in Hearthstone. In her free time, Cassandra also bangs around video editing software to customize montages for her children’s birthdays that all too soon will cause them mortal embarrassment.