Emily grew up in a hands-on family. As a kid, she liked to hang out in the garage and watch her mechanic dad make broken cars work like new again. Dad also introduced her to obscure old-school games like Solar Quest on a Vectrex he scored on eBay. Otherwise, when she wasn’t playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater or Crash Bandicoot with her brother, she had her nose in a book. The self-professed brainiac earned her degree in Political Science with minors in French and History in 2014 and started her career as an immigration paralegal. After spending time as a lobbyist and political fundraiser, she grew tired of the D.C. gridlock and dirty plays. She packed her bags, left the city, and came back to Central Pennsylvania, where she returned to law and ultimately joined LTL.

Emily’s passion is helping clients navigate the complex legal system and breaking down the systemic barriers that prevent them from achieving justice. Ironically, she abandons her sense of justice in the virtual world, as she’s a big fan of mods and cheats in video games. Her favorite cheats are motherlode in the Sims and godmode in Skyrim (because her Nord likes to dish out battle-ax swings but doesn’t like to take them).

Among Emily’s other tech hobbies is tinkering with popular AI tools like ChatGPT, which she uses to play Jeopardy!, despite the AI’s occasional confusion at answers in the form of a question. Emily takes the Jeopardy! qualifier test every year, as her dearest ambition is to monetize the fact that her brain is full of “likely useless information.”